Month of Productivity

Imagine waking up to join a group meditation by the pool, making breakfast with your new friends and walking over to a coworking space to hackathon your project. Later in the day you attend an accountability session to share progress on your commitments and learn from others.


January 28 - February 28, 2019
El Poblado, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
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Location: MedelliN

As one of the hottest new destinations for location-independent professionals, Medellin, Colombia will be our shared home for four weeks this January and February. With dozens of coworking spaces, a plethora of gourmet healthy restaurants and wifi cafes, and a rich and fun-loving local culture contained within a gorgeous valley, there are endless reasons why we’re excited to introduce you to the City of Eternal Spring.


CoLife has organized a shared living space within a high-end apartment complex in a central location in one of Medellin’s trendiest neighborhoods. We offer both shared and private bedrooms, as well as comfortable “co-work-from-home” common spaces with lots of natural light and high-speed wifi.During the week, we’ll use our common space to focus together on getting our work done, while also fostering potential project collaborations between members with organized skill-sharing workshops and masterminds.

The Community and CoLifestyle

All participants are encouraged to contribute to the community’s knowledgebase throughout their stay. Whether it’s teaching how to cook a healthy dish from your home country, offering your hacks on productivity, or hosting a personal development seminar, the intention behind CoLife is for each person to contribute to the group’s collective growth while benefitting as an individual.As CoLife seeks to attract a community of open-minded, independent, and often spontaneous individuals, our free time (typically nights and weekends) is reserved for shared travel experiences. The expectation is that the group will work together to escape the city, taste the nightlife, indulge in arts and culture, and more. Guidance and inspiration from your host will be provided if you’re ever at a loss for ideas.

Application Process and Invitation

Diversity is one of the highest principles of CoLife, and we welcome individuals from all nations and walks of life to join us! Once you request an invitation, please provide us with any information that will help us ensure that you are aligned with the CoLifestyle and will be an active and engaged member of the community.Accommodation is based on availability, so request an invitation as early as possible. Upon acceptance, you will be provided with more information about your specific room assignment. We look forward to welcoming you!